About Drawski

Drawski was born from the belief in crafted images as a strong component of communication. Illustration and animation can cross disciplines, experience levels, languages and other demographics to help people convey ideas, solicit feedback and educate.

In almost any scenario, I find that well-crafted imagery is the most effective tool to encourage engagement and foster clear understanding. Great images reduce ambiguity, giving an audience something interesting and tangible to interact with.

Visual communication has always been the key to my work, and helping people communicate visually is what Drawski is all about. I believe you can achieve your vision by leveraging my experience and hope we can collaborate in the future!

Visual communication services


As the name suggests, drawing is a core part of the Drawski workflow throughout the entire process. Every project, from small illustrations to complex 3D animation productions, starts with a sketch or storyboard to communicate the vision, build consensus and set the tone for the rest of the project. The -ski portion echoes my heritage and the creative inspiration my family has always provided.

Chris Kubiak ,  Drawski founder

Chris KubiakDrawski founder

My background

After earning a degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a drawing and design emphasis, my focus over the last decade turned towards applying and learning skills in the medical device industry, specifically radiation therapy.

Working across many disciplines including IT, graphic design, technical writing, industrial and product design and product management, I gained a broad knowledge base and a real appreciation for the role art and design play in problem solving.

Seeking to apply my techniques and knowledge toward a wider set of challenges, I formed Drawski to focus on helping others achieve their goals and doing good work.